Showcasing Your Pressed Plants

This is a basic guide to one of the most popular crafting projects around: the pressed plants. Be sure to follow the instructions and be guided accordingly. That being said, enjoy!

Before anything else, you will need to gather the plants and flowers of your choice. You can press them the traditional way, using books, or with a plant press. Whichever method you choose, be sure to wait a full 2-4 weeks to let the specimens dry properly.

Take extra care as pressed plants are extremely delicate. Once that is done, you can proceed to assemble your displays. If you are using a glass frame, be sure to use acid-free glue dots to effectively stick your plants to the glass. This will prevent them from moving around inside the frame. We highly recommend that you make use of a double glass frame as it lets you see the plant on both sides. It also looks extremely modern and chic.

Feel free to experiment with the plants you use. Remember, you can also stick in photos to go along with the plants and the flowers. Just make sure that they go well together.